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Posted on 11-16-2015

1. You can't see. Ok, you can still see, but its blurry. Or you have to squint, or tilt your head back to see your computer. Seriously, that sucks. Let's fix it. 

2. Your glasses aren't cool. And they're ugly. And old. Scratched. Held together by a paperclip. And you can't remember when you got new ones. Time to update your look before those Christmas photos record this indecency for another year. 

3. Your kids can't see. Or you don't know if they can see or not. Let's face it - kids aren't always the most forthcoming with information. How would they know that the rest of the world sees WAY more clearly than they do? Get them checked even if they aren't complaining. You don't want to have mom/dad guilt because they couldn't see and you didn't know it. Lord knows Pinterest gives you enough guilt for all the cool stuff you're not doing. 

4. Your mom/dad/grandma/sister has some eye disease. I'm talking about glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration... all that.  That stuff is genetic, and most of them have no early symptoms. You gotta make sure you don't have it too! And if you do, we need to do something about it. Sooner is better. 

5. You wear contacts. Or maybe you don't, but you want to. We have all sorts of new innovations in contact lenses these days - astigmatism correction, bifocal contacts, daily disposables - there's everything you always wanted but couldn't have before. It's kinda awesome. Check it out. And if you already wear contacts, we gotta make sure those eyes stay healthy so you can wear lenses for years to come without problems. And for crying out loud- throw those things away on time! Overwearing is nasty. 

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