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We provide many levels of service for your total eye care needs. Whether you have diabetes and need to be followed closely for diabetic retinopathy or whether you just have a little trouble seeing to read the newspaper, we can provide you with outstanding service. Maybe you just need to have a prescription filled from another office… we will be glad to help you with that as well. Your extraordinary satisfaction is a priority.

Comprehensive Eye Examination
A comprehensive eye examination at Hillcrest Vision begins with a thorough patient history. Our doctor knows that eighty percent of eye problems can be diagnosed from an accurate history. It is critical to share information about your general health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes as they can greatly impact your eyesight. It is also helpful to bring to your visit the following: your eye glasses, contact lenses, and a list of your medications.

We see patients of all ages and tailor the vision testing accordingly. Creating a patient friendly experience is very important to us. Each test is introduced with a helpful explanation of its purpose and the results are shared with you. We perform tests for eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. Early detection and treatment of childhood vision issues (such as lazy eye) is a priority.

We are happy to work with your family physician, pediatrician or specialist to coordinate your care. You are a key player in helping to ensure your future eye health. Motor vehicle vision certification forms as well as vision reports for schools are gladly completed for you. We offer convenient appointment scheduling and follow-up care.

Patients tell us every day that they enjoyed their eye exam and learned something new! At Hillcrest Vision, you will never “feel like a number”.
Come visit us today and Experience Distinction in total eye care for you, your family, and friends. YOU are truly our FOCUS!!

 Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting
In addition to an eye exam, you may want to be evaluated and fit with contact lenses.  Our doctors have extensive expertise in fitting spherical, toric, multifocal, hybrid, scleral, RGP and post-surgical contact lenses.  Since they keep up with the latest developments in contact lens designs, they can provide you with most up-to-date contacts on the market today.

Eye Exams for Children
We can’t express enough how important it is to have your child’s eye development checked by a thorough eye exam. The recommended age for your child’s first eye exam is between the ages of 6 months and 2 years old. That may sound very young and you may ask how in the world we check their eyes that young. From birth to 6 years old is known as the critical period of development. At that time your child’s eyes are forming connections in the brain which will determine how well your child sees for the rest of his life. If there are any problems with an eye turning even slightly or blurred vision in one eye, the brain will shut that eye off ignoring its development. If it is not found before the age of 5, your child may never see well with that eye no matter what is done after that. That is what we call amblyopia or “lazy eye”. Someone with amblyopia will not have good depth perception if any at all. What that means for your child is trouble in many activities such as catching a ball, hitting a ball, walking down uneven steps safely, and judging distances while driving (later of course) just to name a few. Many jobs require accurate depth perception that will eliminate someone without that ability…. someone with amblyopia. It has been reported that as many as 70% of  amblyopia cases in children are undiagnosed, so it is important to have a comprehensive eye exam for your child before 2 years of age. The best news we can give you is that your child’s eyes are developing normally. It’s a great feeling to know that your child has the vision skills required to do well when they start school.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases
Our doctors are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases ranging from red eye and lid styes to glaucoma and trauma. Many eye diseases have significant symptoms where patients know something is wrong. However, other potentially sight-threatening eye diseases can be silent or without symptoms. Clearly, routine eye care is important for its value in the early detection and prevention of eye disease.  We believe you need to play an active role in your treatment. Time is spent teaching you about your eye condition, from age-related cataract to dry eye syndrome. State of the art technology, including digital retinal photography and computerized visual field analysis,  enhance diagnosis and treatment. We stay on the cutting edge of technology within the eye care industry by attending over 30 hours of  continuing education lectures yearly.

When eye surgery becomes the best option for a patient, Hillcrest Vision has developed an excellent referral relationship with ophthalmologists who share our philosophy of care.  From thorough eye examinations to easy to understand explanations and preventive care advice, we are committed to continued excellence in eye care. Your eyesight is precious to you… and to us.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Dry Eyes
There have been some wonderful advances in the area of dry eye treatment over the past few years. You can rest assured that our doctors will thoroughly examine your eyes and determine the type of dry eye present and recommend a specific treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Laser Vision Correction
We keep up-to-date on all the latest developments in laser vision correction and other corrective surgical approaches. Dr. Hall’s husband has had LASIK, so she can talk with you about it from both a personal and a professional perspective. We will talk with you about the pros and cons of laser surgery. We will also cover other options that are available to you such as Implanted Collamer Lenses, Intacs, Wavefront LASIK, Surgical Reversal of Presbyopia, and more. Our goal is for you to make a well-informed decision about corrective surgery. Once you have made your decision to proceed with surgery, our doctors can provide pre-operative as well as post-operative evaluations and follow-up.

Eye Trauma
One of the most scary things that can happen is trauma to your eyes. Should that happen, our doctors are on call for emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She can treat many traumas including the following:
Chemical Burns
Welding Flash Burns
Foreign Bodies such as metal, sawdust, etc.
We can remove foreign bodies in the office. Removal of the object is done under a biomicroscope with topical local anesthetic. After removal, we will usually prescribe antibiotic drops and see you back the next day. Since an eye patch may be applied in more severe cases, you may want to bring someone with you who can drive you back home.

Visit for guides to glasses and contacts, and to learn about eye health topics such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Visit to learn about the American Optometric Association and important eye health issues.

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